All of us can discover beauty and internal peace. It makes sense to take care not only of your body, but above all of your inner life. This gives you a better command of your emotions, enables you to work more efficiently, and helps you mix more easily with others. Situated in the beautiful Tatra Mountains, the thermal pools of Białka Tatrzańska are a perfect place for relaxation. A breathing workshop conducted by an experienced coach will let you master your body. The rest of the day is a matter of choice: you’ll be able to immerse yourselves in the soothing sounds of Tibetan gongs, do some Nordic walking, or participate in a stress management workshop. On the following day, guests will also have an opportunity to choose their next steps: ladies will be welcome to practise Slavic witch style physical activity, and gentlemen offered a class with an Aikido coach. Everyone is invited to take part in yoga or tai chi sessions.

After lunch, we have relaxation in its purest form: a workshop in relaxation massage. Guests will spend the breaks between the activities in saunas and thermal pools. For the final phase, we suggest moving from inner to outer beauty: a meeting with a stylist is in store.



Day 1 Białka Tatrzańska

  • A breathing workshop
  • Activity to be chosen from among: Nordic walking, sonic massage (Tibetan gongs), stress management workshop

Day 2 Białka Tatrzańska

  • Activity to be chosen from among: yoga, tai-chi, gymnastics, Slavic witch style physical activity for ladies, aikido for gentlemen
  • Relaxation massage workshop

Day 3 Białka Tatrzańska

  • A meeting with a stylist



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