Can stars smell of gingerbread? Yes, they can – with us! In the city of Copernicus you can admire more than stars. It is also famous for its gingerbread. That’s why on the first day, our guests will turn towards the Old City in search of a recipe for them. The broad array of tasks will give them an opportunity to learn something not only about gingerbread in the history of the city, but also of themselves.

A telescope sits in an open observatory dome at the 3RF Astronomy Campus near Crowell, Texas.

An exceptional dinner in the Gingerbread Museum combined with a workshop will crown their efforts. The following day we will visit Master Copernicus himself, and take a look into the stars. The day will end with a truly cosmic event. The third day is earmarked for a meeting with the Knights of the Teutonic Order in the castle, and a quick flight from their swords straight to the safety of home.




Day 1 Toruń

  • City game combined with visiting the city
  • Workshop in Gingerbread Museum

Day 2 Toruń

  • Visit in the home of Copernicus
  • Show in the planetarium
  • Cosmic event

Day 3 Toruń

  • Visiting the castle of Teutonic Knights


Available extensions: Malbork, Gdańsk, Gniezno


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