Between Kraków, which lies situated on the River Vistula and Zakopane huddled at the feet of the lofty Tatra Mountains, participants will receive a unique opportunity face the power of the elements. Surprising solutions will let them test themselves through teamwork, and some may even be emboldened to confront their own fears.

On the very first day we will invite our guests to take part in a city game, letting them get to know Kraków from a somewhat different, elemental perspective. They will also take a peek into the highly atmospheric Abbey in Tyniec and test experimentally how quickly the waters of the Vistula run, to curb the element of water. In the evening, they will witness an exceptionally fiery show, which will keep them wide awake for a long time.

Fog in the Tatras

On the following day, participants will find themselves in one of the most beautiful Tatra valleys. Waiting for them there is an extraordinary cave that will make them familiar with the element of earth. Later they will be able to conquer the air during a balloon ride and marvel at the beautiful things that can be made from air and soap. The plans also include facing a fire that’s bursting from a bread oven.

Before flying away, guests will be shown yet another of the most famous earthen constructions of Kraków: Kościuszko Mound. The combination of fire and air will help to create fantastic shapes from glass!



Day 1 Kraków

  • The Element of Water – city game with a canoeing trip from Tyniec (covers main attractions of Kraków)
  • The Element of Fire – an event with a production by the fire theatre

Day 2 Zakopane – Kościelisko

  • The Element of Earth – visiting Kościeliska Valley and descending underground into Mroźna (Frosty) Cave in the Tatras
  • The Element of Air – a hot air balloon ride and a soap bubbles show
  • The Element of Fire – baking bread

Day 3 Kraków

  • The Element of Earth – climbing Kościuszko Mound
  • The Element of Fire – workshop in a glass factory


Available extensions: Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Zakopane

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