Since time immemorial, Poland has been famous for amber. We invite you to trace its history in the footsteps of the ancient Romans. Right on the first day, which will be spent in Kraków, our guests will see the greatest amber treasures hoarded in the royal Wawel Castle and in the Museum of Amber. The amber train will then take them to the capital.

Warsaw will dazzle our guests with its golden and amber lustre during a city game conducted in the company of a mermaid – the symbol of the city. Returning to the railway, we will then head to Gdańsk, to the kingdom of the best amber craftsmen, where our guests will check whether amber still lies on the beaches. In the golden blaze of the setting sun, we will step down into the realm of Neptune for an exceptional event.
The last day will begin with a visit to Gdańsk, seen through amber glasses. We do hope that its resinous aroma will also accompany our guests during their journey home



The pieces of amber on the sea sand

Day 1 Kraków – Warsaw

  • Amber treasures: the Royal Treasury at Wawel Castle, the Cloth Hall, and the Museum of Amber

Day 2 Warsaw – Gdańsk

  • City game with an amber mermaid in the Old Warsaw
  • Night-time amber collecting
  • A party at Neptune’s

Day 3 Gdańsk

  • Visiting chief heritage sites of Gdańsk


Available extensions: Malbork, Gdynia, Westerplatte, Hel Peninsula



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