Kraków stimulates the senses and lets you take a different look at yourself, people you work with, and the work you do. We will show our guests how Poland tastes and smells: an exceptional gourmet workshop will be a true feast for the palate! On the second day, Kraków will open its doors to us, and each sense will be made keener, while the teams will be set unique tasks in what is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

They will also practise their manual skills amidst the aura of mysticism at Tyniec Abbey. We will end the day with a dinner clad in darkness, where we will stimulate not only the sense of taste but also those of smell and touch – everything seems so different in absolute darkness. Before departure, we will still manage to invite you to the ancient Wieliczka salt mines, where salt not only influences your taste but also captivates the eye.



The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, Krakow, Poland. Tourists destination

Day 1 Kraków

  • Gourmet workshop

Day 2 Kraków – Tyniec

  • City game
  • Calligraphy workshop in Tyniec
  • Dinner and party in darkness

Day 3 Wieliczka

  • Visiting Wieliczka


Available extensions: Auschwitz, Zakopane



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