The roar of the stormy sea can be heard very well, not unlike the hubbub of the port teeming with life. This trip provides an ideal opportunity to unwind and escape from everyday problems, to drown sorrows in seawater. Gdańsk is the best place for doing that: the sea is ever-present, and so easy to embrace. That’s why the city game we propose here has the taste of sea salt and the fragrance of sun-drenched sand on the beach. Once the contestants have explored the depths of Gdańsk and their own personalities, they will participate in special contests of seadogs, with each having an opportunity to test whether they would make the grade of the legendary Polish fleet that used to guard the Baltic.

Port in Gdansk

The second day will open with a reward for their efforts and the acceptance of the cadet seadogs on board the vessel. A cruise on the Baltic will be a particular baptism of fire for those unafraid to face the aquatic element. After everyone has become accustomed to the sea, they will receive a guided tour of Gdańsk from Neptune himself, so as to transport guests into the golden days of Gdańsk: teeming with goldsmiths, amber craftsmen, world-class carpenters, and sailmakers.

The third day will provide a short encounter with the Solidarity trade union – the movement that brought down the Iron Curtain.



Day 1 Gdańsk

  • Marine city game
  • Seadog contests

Day 2 Gdańsk

  • A cruise on the Baltic
  • Visiting Gdańsk with Neptune
  • A party among the craftsmen of the Free City of Gdańsk

Day 3 Gdańsk- Westerplatte

  • A tour in the footsteps of Solidarity
  • A visit to Westerplatte


Available extensions: Malbork, Gdynia, Hel Peninsula

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