Enshrouded in mystery, the Castle of Książ will see our guests challenged to unravel the riddle of the Nazi gold train lost during the Second World War, on the very first day of the trip. By night, things as uncanny as they are difficult to explain will happen in the former headquarters of Nazi forces.

The second day will reveal that the team has a spy in its midst, and that this sneaky character is certainly not working for the good of the group. But how to recognise the mole? Will the infiltrator’s identity be revealed in the labyrinth of the underground city in Osówka? Or perhaps it will only be in the shadow of the walls of the Fortress of Kłodzko that the spy’s identity and motives will be uncovered? Everything will be disclosed in the evening, during a mist-enshrouded, murky event.

There is no shortage of mysteries in Wrocław either, and there is not enough time to unravel them all, as the aeroplanes are already revving up their engines for take-off…



Mine railway in undergroud.Day 1 Wałbrzych

  • Searching for the Nazi gold train
  • Night-time visiting of Książ Castle

Day 2 Osówka – Kłodzko

  • Visiting the underground city in Osówka
  • Visiting the Fortress of Kłodzko
  • Party in the aura of mystery

Day 3 Wrocław

  • Mystery city game in Wrocław


Available extensions: Wrocław, Racławice Panorama, Czocha Castle, Kamieńczyk Waterfall

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