Elegant limousines will arrive at the airport terminal to collect the ladies and gentlemen who will honour us with their visit. They will have an opportunity to relax in one of the most beautiful places in Poland, and be immersed in true luxury. The choicest SPA and the best views of the Masuria Region are sure to make an impression, while an exclusive dinner on a majestic sailing ship will certainly linger long in the memory.

On the second day, our guests will receive a princely welcome in a beautiful Castle. Activities brimming with luxury will pamper the tastes of even the most discerning clients – and what can be more luxurious than diving in crystal clear water, leisurely tasting wine in vineyards, or water skiing? And don’t forget golf! The exceptional atmosphere will be extended into the night at a casino worthy of James Bond.

Just before their departure, guests will be invited to a royal dinner in Warsaw’s Sobański Palace.



Mazury Kraina Wielkich JeziorDay 1 Mikołajki

  • Limousine transfer to the best SPA in Masuria
  • A stylish dinner under the sails

Day 2 Ryn

  • Diving in Ołów Lake
  • Water skiing
  • Tasting wines from the castle’s vineyard
  • Night in the casino

Day 3 Warsaw

  • Exclusive and sumptuous lunch at Sobański Palace in Warsaw


Available extensions: Elbląg Canal, Wolf’s Lair – part of Adolf Hitler’s fortified headquarters, Warsaw

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