Find your bond with nature! Find where you connect with nature!

Plunging into nature calms you down and soothes, letting you reach deep into yourselves. This is why we invite you on an incredible trip into the depths of primeval woods. On the first day we will take our guests to the exceptional Herbal Garden, where they will have an opportunity to participate in herbal workshops and learn how to concoct curative infusions. The second day brings an encounter with Europe’s oldest forest: Białowieża will open its green gates before us.

There, during an orienteering challenge, our guests will meet druids and forest dryads who will help them learn much not only about the woods but also about their own nature. There will also be an encounter with the wisent (European bison), king of the Białowieża Forest, on the way. The next attraction will be an exceptional canoeing adventure that will let everyone quieten down and go with the flow, also that of everyday life. An event in the company of ethereal nymphs will relax and soothe the senses. On the third day, we will show nature tamed, as we’ll invite you to one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Poland.



Lavender flowers in cottage herbal garden

Day 1 Koryciny

  • Herbal and infusion-making workshops

Day 2 Białowieża

  • A scouting game in Białowieża Forest (with wisent reservation)
  • Canoeing
  • Party with nymphs

Day 3 Powsin

  • Botanical garden in Powsin




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