Halny, the foehn-type wind sweeping the peaks of the Tatra mountains comes in gusts and cannot be stopped. It is much like one of the speeding flocks of sheep that participants will meet in a highland shelter high up in the mountains. A walk in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Tatras will provide an opportunity to unwind and climb to the peak of your cognitive ken. In the evening, guests will be entertained by a highland band. The second day will continue the road to the peak: the summits of the Tatras will bow to the conquerors getting to know their unique history and one another.

Later, Zakopane will open up to the participants, who will turn into contestants in a unique city game. In the evening, an experienced guide of the Tatra National Park will take guests into the world of mountaineering. An evening of tales will broaden the horizons and let everyone experience the remarkable atmosphere of the Polish mountains. On the last day, hospitable Kraków, a city very strongly connected to the Tatras, will invite all and sundry. How strong the connection is, the participants will learn while visiting Kraków from an entirely different perspective.



Cloudy Tatra mountains in the morning, covered with snowDay 1 Zakopane, a shepherds’ shelter in the mountains

  • Encounter with sheep: sheep shearing, production of traditional Polish highland cheeses
  • A walk in a valley with a beautiful panorama of the Tatras
  • Party with a highland band

Day 2 – Strążyska Valley, Zakopane

  • Climbing to the top
  • City game around the built heritage of Zakopane
  • Dinner to the accompaniment of Tatra tales

Day 3 Kraków

  • A tour of Kraków focused on the Tatras


Available extensions: Auschwitz, Wieliczka, Bochnia, Kraków–Częstochowa Jurassic Plateau

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