Being a hipster is a lifestyle and a way of perceiving the world. This is why we’re offering our guests an alternative way of visiting the hippest Polish city: Warsaw. Brunch on Plac Zbawiciela square, in the hipster heart of the city will let you switch to alternative thinking right from the word go. The shift will be reinforced by a city game that’s different from anything you’ve seen so far: time for the Warsaw underground, tram, with a visit to Mordor guaranteed. For the end of the day we offer a party on a riverside beach, preceded by dinner from hipster food trucks.

Can the day be started more alternatively than with a breakfast in a gargantuan Cold War skyscraper known as the Palace of Culture and Science? Even a visit to Warsaw’s Old Town will be absolutely out of the ordinary. In Konstancin, our guests will have the opportunity to see where the richest and hippest live, and learn why nowhere else but there cuts the mustard. On the third day we will show you Poland’s hippest royal residence: the Palace in Wilanów.



foodtrackDay 1 Warsaw

  • Brunch on Plac Zbawiciela
  • Alternative city game in Warsaw
  • Dinner from food trucks and beach party

Day 2 Warsaw

  • Palace of Culture and Science: breakfast and visit
  • Visiting the Old Town in an alternative spirit
  • Visiting the spa in Konstancin

Day 3 Warsaw

  • Visiting Wilanów

Available extensions: Wartime Warsaw




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