Rising among the ravines and standing rocks of the Kraków–Częstochowa Jurassic Plateau is a society, but the path to the top is not only long and difficult but rife with pits and falls too. From the beautiful Castle in Bobolice that will host our guests on the first day, we shall cast them down to the fields and the servants’ quarters, so that they test their strength and wits in an extreme and extraordinary game. Thanks to the completion of the tasks and the conquering of their prejudices, they will return to the castle in the glory of knighthood – right on time for a banquet.

Medieval people eat and drink in ancient castle tavern.

In Ojców, they will become familiar with the most beautiful traditions of the Polish nobility. We shall also show our guests the surprising places connected to one of the most important kings in the history of Poland: Ladislaus the Elbow-High (Władysław Łokietek). From there, our guests will be taken to the vicinity of the most splendid of the Polish courts: the royal one in Wawel Castle.

The last day will provide an opportunity to become familiar with the lavishness and splendour of the royal chambers, so that you may dine at the historic Wierzynek restaurant in royal spirits, and then return home.



Day 1 Bobolice

  • Visiting the castle in Bobolice
  • Outdoor game
  • Knightly banquet

Day 2 Ojców

  • Meeting Polish nobility (baking bread)
  • Visiting caves: Ciemna and Łokietka

Day 3 Kraków

  • Visiting Wawel Castle
  • Royal lunch at Wierzynek’s


Available extensions: Kraków, Auschwitz, Wieliczka, Zakopane

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