Taste may not be the most indispensable of the senses, yet certainly it is the favourite of many. We invite you on a journey into Polish tastes, crossing both history and geography. On top of Kościuszko Mound we will peek into the pots of 19th-century peasants. Later, outstanding chefs will treat our guests to a nobleman’s midday meal typical of the eastern marches of the Commonwealth of Poland–Lithuania. The merrymaking will be accompanied by lashings of Polish beer in a stylish brewery. The second day will provide an opportunity for participants to test their strength against Polish cuisine and each other: during gourmet workshops, they will have to create sophisticated meals for their companions.

The city game, proving how appetising Kraków is, will provide a wealth of activity and great fun in the city of pretzels and chocolate produced at the foot of Wawel Hill. In the evening, every participant will be given a chance to experience something entirely new: dinner will be served in utter darkness. Our senses and stomachs will soon be enlivened by Polish vodka. On the third day, before we bid our guests farewell, we will let them lick salt off the walls deep underground in a scenic mine.



Traditional polish clear red borscht with dumplings with mushrooms

Day 1 – Kraków

  • Gourmet and historical trip to Kościuszko Mound
  • Traditional obiad in the eastern marches of ancient Poland
  • Tasting wines and meads in an old brewery

Day 2 – Kraków

  • Gourmet workshops with Polish produce
  • Tasty city game
  • Dinner in darkness
  • Party with vodka tasting

Day 3 Wieliczka

  • Tasting salt in Wieliczka


Available extensions: Bochnia Salt Mine, Auschwitz, Zakopane, the Kraków–Częstochowa Jurassic Plateau

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