Wieliczka Salt Mine

wieliczkaHidden deep underground is one of Wieliczka’s greatest riches: the deposits of rock salt. The mine once used to be a great source of revenue for its owner the king, his administrator, and indeed the entire kingdom of Poland. Today it is one of the most appealing destinations for tourists in Małopolska. The beautiful chambers hewn from rock salt, the world’s most beautiful subterranean chapel among them, leave an unforgettable impression and transport us into the heart of a fairy tale. On the tourist routes you can see how salt was mined centuries ago, and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the sculptures chiselled from salt. The exceptional microclimate of the mine and the iodide-soaked air are certain to help the retention of information shared at a business meeting deep underground. The spectacular surroundings and the large number of attractions accessible along the corridors of the mine will certainly help to strengthen bonds between team members and provide an unforgettable backdrop for motivational meetings.

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