Tyniec Abbey

The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, Krakow, Poland. Tourists destination

Among the walls that so vividly evoke the Middle Ages, monks move silently in hooded habits. They have lived and worked here for centuries, following the rule of St Benedict. They also guard the secrets of the abbey towering over a bend in the Vistula. Once inaccessible, the monastic cloister eagerly welcomes visitors seeking a moment’s respite and spiritual consolation. It also opens its gates to the seekers of secrets – both within themselves, and held by their business colleagues. The world looks different from the windows of the abbey’s cells; the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity also helps us to look deep into ourselves and ultimately to leave Tyniec as a better human being, colleague, employee, or boss.

The friars of the abbey have also mastered a wealth of skills that they are eager to share. You can learn from them the beautiful and ancient art of calligraphy or draw from the knowledge that herbalists have passed from generation to generation.

Yet, Tyniec Abbey caters to more than just spiritual fare: the monks living here have long produced plenty of delicacies: from the delicious monastic beer to bread and cold cuts. After exerting oneself at work, a stay in the abbey offers a perfect reward on an incentive trip; it is also certain to captivate all participants of a business meeting.

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