The Herbal Garden

pole zbożaAn exceptional place, the Herbal Garden in Koryciny, property of Marek Angielczyk, is situated in a beautiful area surrounded by forests and fields. The place was inspired by a love of nature and its bounties, whose use has been forgotten by the people of the 21st century, locked within their cities. There is nonetheless more that this magnificent place can offer than the extraordinary and bewildering fragrances of herbs. Professionals share their knowledge on the use of what nature has in store for us: natural cures for various ailments that grow within your grasp – it’s enough to know how to use them. Without chemical additives or extended production processes, everything that comes from this garden was farmed here, and it was also harvested and properly dried here. A herbal workshop provides a perfect opportunity to bolster a team or to add a distinctive touch to your business meeting. A stay in this fragrant place is a perfect idea for rewarding and motivating your staff on an incentive trip. The hushed tranquillity and the soothing smell of the fresh herbs will simply let everyone relax and feel the bond with Mother Nature.

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