The Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady, połonina caryńska.This is where most Poles come to indulge their love of the mountains. The beautiful panoramic views and the rolling meadows give a sense of freedom and fulfilment. On the grass-clad peaks of the Bieszczady, you can reflect profoundly on your life and attitude to the world. This is the place where on your way, you might encounter a pack of wolves or look a bear in the eye. Or eat berries to your heart’s content, and sink in thick mud to your knees on an otherwise empty forest path. You can walk in these mountains all day long and never meet a soul, finishing the day in a village lost among the hills, with remnants of an Orthodox church and cottages. You simply cannot fail to fall in love with the freedom that the Bieszczady mountains are a symbol of. This freedom is worth sharing, whether during a joint team building exercise negotiating the trails and combating one’s own weaknesses, or during an active break away from a business meeting. Immersing oneself amid whispering beech woods far away from civilisation is also a perfect reward for all participants of an incentive trip.

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