Zachód słońcaSituated between two picturesque lakes, among the forests of the Mazuria Region is a beautiful castle built by the Teutonic Knights. Spreading from its foot is a charming little town full of shanties and the whispering of bulrushes interspersed with the cries of seagulls. The castle stands on a hill, whose slope is proudly taken by a monastic vineyard, where some of Poland’s choicest wines ripen every year. The castle’s walls are haunted by the spirit of Duchess Anna, its long-term resident. Intended by the Order’s architects as a defensive fortress, the Castle of Ryn radiates a unique atmosphere. As the knights of the Teutonic Order were partial to luxury, the standard of conference halls and lodging it offers is very high. Here, among the Mazurian lakes, you may go beyond just exercise amidst warm gusts of wind and the fluttering of sails. The place is perfect for sharing the most complex information with your business partners, and a stay here will certainly be a perfect reward for every incentive trip participant.

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