windy-and-sunny-marina-1554418-1279x856The Great Lakes of Mazury offer peace and tranquillity with the quiet murmuring of the waves and the soothing gusts of wind that fill the white sails. It is one of the most extraordinary locations to relax in either luxurious conditions or in a peasant’s cottage, irrespective of the season. Hovering over the surface of the lakes, the morning mists bring the aura of the most beautiful fairy tales to mind. In autumn cranes can be heard among the bulrushes, and in summer storks stride majestically through the meadows by the banks. The silence is only disturbed by the murmur of the forest lavishly speckled with mushrooms and the splashes of jumping fish. Anyone can feel like an ethereal water nymph or a heroic triton, imbibing both the power and peace of nature at the same time. Every sunset by the lake will let you discover new reserves of power and patience: for the world, for yourself, for people you work with. Nearly every aquatic activity can be a perfect team building project, and we have in store orienteering, horse rides, canoeing, and kilometres of cycle paths. Relaxing over the crystalline pure water will do good to all participants of business meetings, and will be an ideal reward as part of your incentive trip.

Elbląg Canal

Proof of the power of technical thought was developed on the very edge of Mazury. A waterway was built to the shores of the Baltic, and the infrastructure of the canal is considered to be one of the wonders of Poland. It is incredible that during the whole trip you cover more than 90 metres of vertical “head”. A system of sluices and dams managed to master the waters to allow for the transport of vast pine trees for the masts of sailing ships to the shipyards of Gdańsk and Königsberg. Such an example of the power of human thought is extremely constructive: you can learn with your own eyes that few things are really impossible, and if someone wants to achieve something, he or she is really unstoppable. This is an important message both for staff working in teams and whole businesses that need to communicate their values to their staff or contractors.

The Wolf’s Lair

Adolf Hitler decided to make the village of Gierłoż in the Mazury Region his main headquarters. The powerful shelters and the lavish infrastructure, though mostly blown up by the retreating Nazis, still await travellers eager to stand alongside the concrete walls of history. It was in the forest near Kostrzyn that decisions concerning the deployment of the Nazi armies, of key importance for all Europe, took place. This is also the place from where the Fuehrer commanded his attack on the USSR. A chunk of wartime history has survived in the form of huge concrete slabs that used to be the walls and ceilings of the high command’s shelters. Today it houses a museum that lets visitors study both the history of the place and the entire Second World War.

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