malbork-castle-1516416-1279x852The awe-inspiring castle in Malbork was once home to the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. This was the beating heart of the Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, spreading terror throughout this part of Europe. The vast fortress has never been captured: although an armed Polish king did indeed enter, yet in the wake of a pact and not a siege: the gates were simply open before him. The castle still inspires admiration both through the flamboyance of its construction, and the thickness of the walls and the mastery of the gates over the moat. The interiors of Malbork go far beyond the austerity of a monastic residence or military fortress. After all, it was the seat of the ruler of quite a large country. Hence, it boasts plenty of stately quarters: from the beautiful Knights’ Hall to the impressive courtyards of the Middle and High castles. The fortress has obviously been turned into a museum, yet it also provides a perfect place for team building in a knightly setting and business meetings in exceptional interiors. Can a better reward than a smile of a fair maiden after a victory in a tournament be offered as an incentive, especially when it’s accompanied by a lavish feast?

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