Kamieńczyka Waterfall

wodospadThe roar of water dropping 27m down in a cascade is sure to make an impression. It has been dubbed the Polish Niagara Falls 🙂

Should you take a hike from Szklarska Poręba to Mt Szrenica, this marvel will keep you riveted for a long spell. This is precisely what it did to the director Andrew Adamson, who used this fairy-tale landscape for his retelling of The Chronicles of Narnia. The Kamieńczyka Gorge is a natural wonder. Naturally, there is also a legend accompanying the origin of the waterfall. It says that it is a product of the tears of seven water nymphs crying over the death of one of their sisters. Of course, it was love that brought ruin to the hapless nymph: she fell in love with the noble and handsome Kamieńczyk Bronisz, who arrived here seeking precious gems to pay for the treatment of his ailing mother.

Once they were both certain what their hearts told them, disaster struck: Bronisz lost his life climbing a rock to reach his beloved, and seeing her dead body, she lost her balance and also fell to her doom… This is precisely what the Kamieńczyka Waterfall whispers to us about. Listen carefully, and you should be able to hear the despair in the cries of the beautiful nymph… and the yearning of her sisters.


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