sunset-baltic-sea-1389759-1279x938The Hel Peninsula is a narrow stretch of land that cuts the Bay of Gdańsk off from the “high seas” of the Baltic. Standing on Cape Rozewie is the northernmost Polish lighthouse, offering a truly breathtaking view. The town is a typical summertime resort surrounded by beautiful beaches and washed on the one side by the waters of the bay, and on the other – the open Baltic Sea. It has long been a fishermen’s settlement, whose numerous traces can still be seen: there are plenty of ancient fishermen’s cottages, whose shape discloses both German and Scandinavian influence, which bestows the place with a highly unique atmosphere. Also worth visiting in Hel is the seal aquarium and one of the most luxurious resorts by the Polish see: Jurata. It is a location offering more than just a taste of the salty Baltic water and the splendour of the marine landscape and beautiful beaches, while having fun with your collaborators. You can also unwind and get to know yourself and others better here. The breeze blowing from the sea is certainly helpful in airing many a fossilised structure and breathing new ideas into many a head.


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