Bochnia Salt Mine

salt-man-1226513Salt used to be so precious that it could buy entire villages. Yet the miners delving for it underground did not draw profits from its vast worth. Yet they worked very hard, often seeing no sunlight for several days in a row. It is so as the Earth hides its greatest treasures where the sunrays don’t reach. The salt mine in Bochnia is unique on the European scale: it is the oldest industrial facility operating uninterruptedly from the 13th century.

The impenetrable darkness of the mine is the perfect place to examine the interior of the earth, the team, and yourself. Thanks to the perfectly developed tourist route and an option to spend a night underground, the mine is more than just a perfect place for incentive team building. It passes every test as the stage for a business meeting.

The mine has an extraordinary climate that boosts health: the salt deposits suffuse the air with iodine, which makes breathing here much easier. 250 m underground, we invite you to an exceptional exploration of salt labyrinths and centuries of salt mining history. A boat cruise on an inundated saltwork front is an experience you simply won’t forget.

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