Białowieża Forest

Promienie o wschodzieGrowing almost in the very centre of Europe is a forest as vast as it is ancient. It is Europe’s only forest of this kind: untouched by human hands over thousands of years, a remnant of vast primeval forests that used to grow all over the Central European Plain. Białowieża lets you meet many animal species that are present only here: they have been protected in Poland’s most ancient national park. The king of the forest is the European bison (wisent), a close relative of the buffalo known from the American continent, and one of the largest mammals of Europe. Only a little over a decade ago, the animals were at the brink of destruction: today, thanks to the efforts of Polish scientists, the herd is large and healthy, and leads a joyful life that can be observed by visitors.

Plentiful tourist trails have been signposted through the maze of the forest: they are ideal for incentive and team building trips. In the tranquil atmosphere of the primeval forest, you can take a look deeper into yourself and find the connections to nature and other people lost amidst everyday hustle and bustle. The huge ancient oaks that witnessed the establishment of the Polish state over 1000 years ago whisper soothingly, the forest streams wash the clearings resplendent with flowers that are a true joy to the eye. In winter, the ancient forest is a perfect backdrop to the tale of the Snow Queen, and a sleigh ride across the frozen world, dormant under the snow, provides an incredible experience. The place is beautiful in all the seasons.

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